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The Coca Cola Vendo 81 Coke machine was manufactured from 1955 - 1958 with the top corners "Rounded" The Vendo 81 coke machine was built in three different versions: In 1955 this model was listed as a Vendo 81 A. It came in solid red paint with a chrome coin entry plate casting. In 1956, this model was called the Vendo 81 B. Vendo added the two-tone paint scheme and made the Coca-Cola lettering on the front door much larger. Finally, from 1957 – 1958, this model was called the Vendo 81 D. Vendo added a large coin door, on the front in order to accommodate a larger coin mechanism capable of giving change for a quarter. The Vendo 81 Coke Machine is a very versatile machine. Not only will it vend 81 bottles but, it will accept bottle sizes from the small 7 oz beer bottle, the new small 8 oz Coke bottle up to a 12 oz long neck bottle. The Vendo 81 Coke Machine also offers 9 selections! The Vendo 81 uses the same cabinet as the V-80, having just changed the inner liner and the front door. The Vendo 81 Coke Machine is also roughly the same dimensions as the Vendo 39. Vendo hauled production on the Vendo 81 "Round Corner" version toward the end of the 1958 model year. But, because the Vendo 81 had proven itself, in 1960 Vendorlator began production on the "Square Corner" version of the Vendo 81 Coke machine for off brands such as Pepsi, 7-up etc. Vendo then replaced the Vendo 81 with their new model for Coke, the V-90 “square top”

In 1956 Coca Cola began a new advertising campaign focusing on a fresher new look. From 1956 on, all Coca Cola upright machines would have the top 12" painted DuPont Iceberg White. From 1956 on, the Vendo 81 was painted with the new two-tone paint scheme. Coke brought some Vendo 81 Coke machines back in for a repaint to the new 1956 paint scheme. You can usually spot these re-painted machines not only from the two tone paint scheme, but because they usually didn't mask the machines very well, painting right over the black door gasket. Also, machines originally painted with the two tone paint scheme came with stainless steel trim separating the two colors. Repainted machines had chrome tape or screwed-on trim.

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Dimensions: 53 3/4" high, 25" wide, 17 1/2" deep

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