The Coke machine is absolutely beautiful!!!  What a great job!  I'm more than pleased at how it came out.  And to add the tee shirt and pens was just an added pleasure. Thanks!!! I will certainly recommend you if anyone I know is interested in a machine. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. 


Joe, got the machine yesterday and it is perfect. Fantastic job nobody can believe it. Thanks for everything John





Man, looks great... awesome 

I wish you restored popcorn machines as well.  this looks great


Chris - We also restore  numerous vintage coin operated machines, but do so for our soda machine customers only. We would be happy to take care of the U-pop-it machine.      Joe 













Hello Joe,
    My Vendo 81 is purring like a kitten!  Itís stunning appearance just makes my kitchen look all the better (see attached photos, and feel free to use them in any manner you choose).  When it was delivered last Friday even the delivery guys asked if they could take pictures of it...of course I happily obliged...they also asked how to get in contact with you (gave them your phone number and web site).
    Fair Haven, NJ
PS My mother said, ďJim, Iím pretty sure that youíre going to lose a lot of money if the machine only costs a dime.Ē







Dear Joe, 

Just a quick note to thank you for the beautiful machine, after  getting burned on more than a few "internet deals" I was very hesitant to buy a machine of this caliber and cost. The day I went to pick up my machine that I bought from you I had taken delivery of a stoner candy machine that was suppose to be "real nice." Well it is a piece of junk! and I was kicking my self for spending as much as I did on a Coke machine I had never seen. The day was saved when I opened the crate to reveal a beautiful Caviler 72! I was ecstatic as was my girlfriend! The machine is nicer than I could have ever hoped for and vends flawlessly. It is a welcome addition to my shop and  private car collection. Thank you so much for your honesty and help. I look forward to years of enjoyment from this beautiful machine. Again thank you very much. It is nice to know that there are still honest people out there! 
Salem Oregon


What can I say? The Pepsi machine is absolutely fabulous!! I can't believe it's the same machine I sent you a few months ago. Even the guys that helped me pick it up were impressed by how beautiful it is. You sir are a true craftsman. There's no doubt it will be the centerpiece of my "man cave." It was well worth the expense and time for such a work of art, I can't thank you enough or praise you enough for such a outstanding job. I'm sure I will enjoy it for a very long time.
It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with you on this project. Your a man of your word. Your honest, forthright, and professional. You did everything you said you were going to do, you kept me well informed as to the progress and I could not have asked for better service than what you provided. Again, thank you so much.
Your wife is a real sweetheart. I hope I did not screw her day up too badly by her meeting me in the middle of the afternoon to deliver the machine.
If I can ever do anything for you in the future, please let me know. Thanks again Joe and I hope we can do business again.


 I wanted to thank you for being honest and upfront with me. I have no hesitation when purchasing from you. The "new" 110 looks great in my shop and I get a lot of compliments on it. It also works perfect and there is nothing like a nice cold soda on a hot day and too use the machine is a real blast! Everyone really likes it, and it compliments my drum set and car collection thank you again.

Doug ~ Phoenix, AZ




It looks "pretty neat" says the machine's owner.

I say it looks "absolutely beautimous".

Please deliver it on Tuesday, December 27th.   We will be home all day.  




Hi Joe,


Just got the coke cooler (and the t shirt!).  Thank you so much for both.  I love the cooler.  It looks great.  Hereís a picture of it in my office.  My employees love it as well.   Next project, my Pepsi Machine.  What do you need me to do to get started?  Do you want pictures?   Or should I ship it to you for examination and then you can quote it.  It is pretty complete, from the 50ís I imagine. 


Thanks again











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