Cavalier 72

Cavalier 72

Along with the Cavalier 96 Coke Machine the Cavalier 72 Coke Machine is absolutely one of the most popular machines around. Produced between 1958-1959 by the Cavalier corporation this model has all the desirable features – rounded corners, slant shelf, glass door, embossing, and as an added bonus when you deposit a coin the “Have a Coke” button lights up until you remove the bottle.

Like all the other Cavalier coke machines, this machine was produced exclusively for Coca Cola.

Some Cavalier 72 coke machines came with the red/white front door, but a majority of all Cavalier 72 models were painted ice berg white on the front door and the rest of the machine was painted Coca-Cola red. When restored some machines were painted the typical Red & White as seen above.

All Cavalier 72 Coke machines also came with the words “Drink Coca-Cola” embossed on the top.

Another feature the Cavalier 72 came with was an electric coin mech that could be adjusted to accept various prices.

The Cavalier 72 Coke Machine is a slant shelf machine that didn’t have a crank handle to vend the sodas. This machine automatically released one bottle for removal once change was deposited. A unique feature for a fifties machine is the electric coin mechanism which eliminates the need to push down a handle to vend your soda. This allows you to set your machine for current prices and makes the Cavalier 72 coke machine and Cavalier 96 Coke machine, a perfect choice for restaurants and retail locations. Another feature of the Cavalier 72 is the red Have a Coke lens on the front door which illuminates when the proper amount of money has been inserted. One of the most sought after machines ever produced, Cavalier 72 Coke Machine is an undisputed classic. Available with an all white front door or the more traditional red and white.

These machines are commonly restored to resemble the Vendo 81 with a “white top”; however, the Cavalier 72 originally came with an all white front door and red cabinet with a “white top”.